Can I put a caravan on a resin driveway?

Posted on 25 August 2021

Caravan sales have rocketed over the past 18 months, with many people opting for staycations rather than jetting off abroad. If you’ve snapped up a caravan for enjoying family holidays in the UK, you may be wondering where to park it. A common question is “Can I put a caravan on a resin driveway?”. Whilst resin driveways are famously strong and durable, many people worry that the weight of a caravan will be too much for it to bear. Read on to find out more.

Are resin driveways suitable for caravans? 

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Resin driveways have become extremely popular in recent years due to their attractive appearance and hardwearing nature. As caravans have become equally in demand, it’s natural that people are wondering if this type of surfacing is suitable for parking them on. Fortunately, the properties of resin make it ideal for driveways. Sturdy, tough, and incredibly durable, it can easily withstand the weight of a caravan. Resin bound driveways are also water-permeable, which means that surface build-up is less likely to occur and cause damage to your caravan. Keep reading to find out can I put a caravan on a resin driveway.

Strong and sturdy resin driveways

The average family-sized caravan weighs approximately 1500kg MTPLM. Therefore, it’s important that your driveway is strong enough to withstand its weight. The good news is that resin is one of the strongest surfacing options on the market. When constructed to a high standard, a resin driveway can easily hold a caravan without becoming damaged. Many resin driveways can take up to 7.5 tonnes, which is far more than a standard size caravan weighs. You can expect your resin driveway to last many years before it starts to look worse for wear. 

Driveways constructed from other materials such as concrete begin to deteriorate much more quickly, particularly when larger vehicles are parked upon them for long periods of time. They begin to crack and fade soon enough, looking past their best after a few short years.

Water permeable driveways

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Don’t underestimate the importance of water permeability when it comes to your driveway, particularly if you’re using it to store your caravan. Since a resin bound driveway is water permeable, surface water build-up is unlikely to happen. Rather than building up on your driveway and causing flooding that can damage your caravan, it will simply pass through the resin surface and into the ground below. Many other driveway surfacing options like concrete are non-permeable, which means they’re far more likely to flood after heavy rainfall. 

Keep in mind that floodwater can enter a caravan quickly due to the location of the vent boards within the floor. The moment that water begins to enter a caravan through a vent, damage starts to occur inside the caravan. The floor and the units start to swell, leaving the caravan beyond repair in some cases. So, if flooding is a risk where you live, it makes sense to opt for a resin driveway due to its water permeability. 

Low maintenance resin driveways

A resin driveway is very low maintenance, requiring minimal care and attention to keep it looking its best. Occasional washing and brushing is often all that’s need to maintain a resin driveway. This is ideal if a caravan will be parked on top of it for long periods of time. Weeds are unlikely to grow through a resin driveway either, which means it’ll stay looking its best. 

What does the law say about parking a caravan on a driveway?

Many people wonder what the law says about parking a caravan on their driveway. Surprisingly, there’s actually no law set in stone that says whether you can or can’t keep a caravan on your property. You will need to check for a clause in the deeds to find out if you’re allowed to park it there or if you’ll need to find alternative storage. If the deeds state that you can’t park your caravan on your driveway, this isn’t particularly unusual. Covenants preventing parking caravans have been applied to many properties built since the 1970s. 

Even if the deeds state that you can park your caravan on your driveway, there are other factors to consider. You’ll need to think carefully about the impact it will have on your neighbours. They may view your caravan as unsightly or even as a hazard, especially if it impairs their visibility or affects their ability to manoeuvre out of their own driveways. Talk to your neighbours before you park your caravan on your driveway. This will help you to maintain a good relationship with them in the future. 

Resin driveway installation in South Yorkshire 

If you’re ready to invest in a resin driveway for your home, look no further than Resin Mixed Stone. Our team have been installing resin driveways in Sheffield, Chesterfield, and Doncaster for many years, building up a fantastic reputation throughout South Yorkshire. We’re ‘Which?’ accredited and have received many great reviews for our services. When you hire us to install your new driveway, you can rest assured that it will be installed to the highest possible standards. Looking and performing its best for many years to come, a resin driveway from us is one of the best investments you’re ever likely to make.

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“Can I put a caravan on a resin driveway?” is such a common question right now. This is due to more and more people investing in these vehicles for enjoying staycations in the UK. To learn more about installing a resin driveway in Sheffield, Chesterfield, or Doncaster, get in touch with our team. Call us on 0114 419 0236 or send us a message via the online contact form on our website. We can discuss your requirements with you, answering any questions and queries you may have.


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