Domestic Projects that we have recently undertaken at Resin Mixed Stone.
All our work is fully guaranteed.

Domestic Resin Projects

See below a selection of our recent domestic resin projects that we have undertaken.


Home Resin Pathway


We carried out work for a previous customer.
They were so happy with the first job they returned for more.
The mix we laid is our Aztec Gold mix.
Once again, the client is very happy with the finished product.
Great work by all the team.

House Driveway


A local project installing a drive to a home in Sheffield

Upper Denby


This client wanted a porous good looking, hardwearing resin mixed stone surfacing with the unusual feature of under floor heating. We laid heating cables with an ice detector within the surface. The owner was very impressed with the finished work, shovelling snow for him is a thing of the past!



A housing development built entirely of natural stone required its access road and driveways to be finished in a natural stone, Stonetop Resin Bonded Stone was laid to further enhance the development.



When Mr and Mrs Bland from Chapeltown near Sheffield were looking for something special for their driveway surface, they approached us to discuss what they were looking for. We agreed upon a blend of four different shades of natural stone to give a unique finish to give their lovely bungalow a special look. They are highly delighted with the overall look and warm natural feel of the surface and said ‘you can tell anybody who is considering a resin bound finish to come and see our drive, we will recommend you every time.

Broomfield Avenue

When this garden was upgraded the owner chose to have his footpaths finished in Stoneblend Resin Mixed Stone to give a superb aesthetic finish.

Brookfield Manor

This magnificent Manor house was transformed by the resin bonded stone surfacing to the forecourt and driveway.

Bound Drive

This driveway was an unsightly foundation of old concrete and tarmac. Resin bound stone was laid over the whole drive to give (in the owners own words) a beautiful finish.

16th Century Derbyshire Home

Resin Mixed Stone was asked to improve the patio area of a 16th Century House in Derbyshire.  The area at the time was not looking too good and the owners wanted something a bit nicer looking. Firstly we excavated the old run-down patio area and a stone resin base was laid.  We then added a final layer of resin bound natural stone. This has now given the Patio area a porous, beautiful sitting area.

All the work was undertaken and guaranteed by Resin Mixed Stone.