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Why Choose Resin Bound Surfacing for Commercial Landscaping?

If you’re seeking a surface that combines the high strength of concrete and the aesthetic value of natural stone, the answer is resin bound surfacing. Most commonly used to create domestic driveways, its features can also be extremely beneficial for commercial uses, such as creation of carparks, cycle routes and footpaths, amongst others. Resin bound stone utilises the best aspects of concrete and gravel, without being burdened with the disadvantages. To help our readers find out more about this multi-feature surfacing, this article will explore why you should choose resin bound surfacing for commercial landscaping.

Resin bound surfacing

What is resin bound stone?

Imitating the appearance of loose stone, resin bound surfacing is actually a high-strength and durable surface option. This is on account of its composition and installation. An existing surface, such as concrete, is coated with a blended layer of washed and dried natural stone. This is then smoothed over with a trowel for an attractive finish.


What applications is resin bound stone good for?

Whilst its warm, stoney look has made it popular with homeowners, resin bound stone is also used widely in commercial landscaping. Just a few of the applications that this surfacing type is ideal for, include:


  • High pedestrian areas such as footpaths and footbridges
  • Carparks and cycle routes
  • Theme parks, hospitals, airports, and other public areas
  • As part of wider landscaping schemes


What are the benefits of resin bound surfacing for commercial use?

Strength: The load-bearing strength of the underlying layer (usually comprised of tarmac or concrete) means that resin bound surfacing is ideal for heavy traffic areas such as carparks.

Quick setting time: When the public are relying on a surface to be usable within a short time frame, it’s important that surfacing can be installed and ready to use quickly. Resin bound surfacing boasts a rapid setting time, and is usually able to be used by the following day.

Attractive look: The rustic appearance of natural stone is far more eye-catching than the greyness of concrete or tarmac. And with a variety of stone colours available, it’s easy to find the right shades to suit a surface and its use.

Non-slip: In high traffic areas, of both motorists and pedestrians, it’s important that decent grip is achievable in icy weather. The stoney texture of resin bound surfacing offers fantastic friction to keep the public safe when travelling across it.

Porous: Water can easily filter through the stone matrix of a resin bound surface, which helps prevent flooding. It also has the benefit of allowing easy passage of water to plant roots, allowing them to thrive and grow even when surrounded by the stone surfacing.


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