The Difference Between Resin Bound Stone and Resin Bonded Stone

Posted on 19 March 2024

If you’ve been wondering about the difference between resin bound stone and resin bonded stone, you’ll find the answers that you need right here. Resin bound stone and resin bonded stone are two types of surfacing solutions that are used for landscaping and paving applications. Both systems use resin to bind aggregates together and can give you a visually appealing finish that’s incredibly durable. Each system comes complete with its own series of benefits and may help you add value to your home or business premises.

Let’s look at the difference between resin bound stone and resin bonded stone.

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In these systems, the aggregate is thoroughly mixed with the resin before it is applied. This gives a smooth, permeable finish and a consistent look. Resin bound surfaces are porous, which means water can drain through them. This prevents surface water runoff and flooding. Resin bound stone offers a decorative, seamless finish. A wide range of colours is available. This stone is often used for driveways, paths and decorative landscaping.

Resin bonded stone

With this kind of system, the resin is applied to the surface before the aggregate is scattered on to it. This delivers a textured, non-porous surface with a rougher finish than a resin bound system. These systems have a sealed surface. Water cannot penetrate the surface and needs to drain off instead. Resin bonded stone offers a more textured, rugged appearance and can be ideal for customers who want to create a slip-resistant surface.

Which applications are these systems suitable for?

Resin bound surfaces are often added to driveways, paths and decorative landscaping when people require a smooth, permeable surface. Resin bonded surfaces can be ideal for walkways, ramps and other environments where slip resistance is essential. It is popular due it to its textured finish and durability in high-traffic areas.

How much maintenance do these systems need?

Both systems normally only need minimal maintenance. However, loose stones on resin bonded surfaces may need to be swept occasions. Resin may also need to be re-applied to them to maintain their appearance.

Whilst both of these systems can be very durable and visually appealing, which one is right for you depends on your specific requirements. Factors you’ll need to consider include the finish you desire, how much permeability you need and what you will be using the surface for. Your budget may also play a big role in determining which solution is right for you.

Pros and cons of resin bound and resin bonded stone

Resin Bound Stone WorkResin bound stone


Permeability: Allows water to drain through

Smooth and seamless finish: Provides a visually appealing, decorative and smooth surface

Variety of colours and sizes: Wide range of aggregate colors and sizes are available. These allow you to customise the surface towards your specific needs

Low maintenance: These systems normally require minimal maintenance. Periodic cleaning is usually sufficient

Durability: Resin bound stone is resistant to cracking and UV degradation


Professional installation needed:  You’ll get the best results through professional installation. This can increase upfront costs but add value to your property in the long run.

Cost: Can be more expensive in comparison to other surfacing options, especially if you need it for a larger area

Resin bonded stone


Slip resistance: The textured surface provides good slip resistance which makes it suitable for pedestrian walkways and ramps

Quick installation: Resin bonded systems are generally quicker to install than resin bound systems. This can reduce labour costs

Variety of textures: Offers a rugged appearance with a variety of texture options

Cost-effective: Can be more cost-effective than resin bound stone


Non-permeable surface: Creates a non-permeable surface which requires additional drainage solutions so you can manage water runoff

Loose stones: Some loose stones may become dislodged over time. This means you’ll need to carry out periodic sweeping and other maintenance

Limited aesthetic options: Although texture options are available, the aesthetic choices can be more limited in compared to resin bound systems

Surface wear: May experience wear over time, especially in high-traffic environments

Things you’ll need to consider for both systems

UV stability: Resin systems can experience color changes or degradation over time due to UV exposure.

Temperature sensitivity: Installation is often weather-dependent. Temperature and humidity can both affect curing times.

When you’re choosing between resin bound and resin bonded stone, it’s crucial to weigh these pros and cons against the specific requirements of your project. These include your aesthetic preferences, the way you’ll be using your system, budget constraints and local regulations. To get the best results, it’s best to seek out advice from a leading source and have the installation carried out by experienced professionals.

Can these systems add value to my property?

Both of these systems can potentially add value to your property. Many people have seen their property values rise after installing resin bound stone and resin bonded stone patios and driveways. Just make sure leading professionals carry out the installation to reduce the chances of costly errors.

Who can help with resin bound surfacing in Sheffield?

Now you’ve found out more about the difference between resin bound stone and resin bonded stone, you may be wondering who can help with resin bound surfacing in Sheffield. At Resin Mixed Stone, we’ve been a leading force in our industry since 1988. All work is completed by our own internal staff rather than subcontractors. We can help whether you need commercial or domestic surfacing. No property is too big or small for us to work on. Each process is as meticulous as it is effective.

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