Can resin be laid over block paving or flagstones?

Posted on 20 October 2021

Resin is one of the best materials for driveways and patios. Attractive, hardwearing, and low maintenance, it offers a multitude of benefits. However, one question that many people have is “Can resin be laid over block paving or flagstones?” Although it’s possible in some cases, you’ll need to ensure you carry out the correct preparatory processes. Often, groundworks will need carrying out before installing resin surfacing. Read on to find out more. 

Laying resin on existing surfaces 

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Resin bound can be laid on some existing surfaces effectively. This means you can often cover up your old, tired patio or driveway with a beautiful resin replacement without needing to dig it up. This isn’t just convenient but cost-efficient too. At Resin Mixed Stone, we can lay resin on various surfaces, making sure the finished result is both attractive and durable. However, we’ll need to assess the surface carefully to evaluate its integrity. Careful thought is required before laying resin directly over block paving and flagstones due to the difficulties that can arise.  

Laying resin on block paving and flagstones 

Laying resin over block paving or flagstones can be a difficult task. This is because they aren’t solid bases. There is a risk of the bases moving which can potentially cause the resin bound system to crack. This is more likely to be the case if they’ve been installed on sand bases. Jet washing to remove moss can also undermine the paving or flagstones. Whilst cracks due to base movement in block paving and flagstones are rare, they can occur. This can ruin the look and integrity of your resin driveway or patio.

Some resin companies are happy to lay resin over the top of block paving and flagstones without knowing what’s underneath. However, it really is important to ascertain what lies under the existing surface if you want to be sure that it will remain to look and perform its best for many years to come. After all, although block paving or flagstones may appear solid on the surface, they could move at any time if they’re not structurally sound. You need to prepare the surface appropriately if you don’t want to risk unsightly cracks appearing over time. Consolidating and strengthening the block paving or flagstones is essential for the appearance and longevity of the resin surfacing.

Whilst you might save money by laying resin over the top, it could end up costing you more overall. Problems may arise at a later stage, with unsightly cracks ruining the appearance of your resin driveway. You may not be able to get hold of the supplier again or they may not be willing to carry out repairs or relay the surface for free. For this reason, it makes sense to address concerns at the beginning. A thorough inspection of the existing surfacing needs carrying out as soon as possible.

Professional groundworks for resin surfacing 

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If you’re wondering can resin be laid over block paving or flagstones, it makes sense to consult with our experts. At Resin Mixed Stone, we have many years of experience at hand. Our team have installed hundreds of resin driveways in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. We can carefully assess the existing surface to ensure that resin can go over it. In the case of block paving and flagstones, we often recommend removing them totally. We advise adding at least 150mm of sub-base before laying down either tarmac or our resin trays for resin stone to go over the top of. 

We can carry out a range of groundworks here at Resin Mixed Stone, ranging from excavation and landscaping to construction work and drainage services. Groundwork is essential for preparing the subsurface for the new resin driveway or patio and ensuring that the finished result is of a high standard. 

How to maintain your resin driveway 

As long as your new resin driveway has been installed to a high standard by a reputable company, it shouldn’t require a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking its best over the years. Resin driveways are very easy to care for, with minimal cleaning needed on a regular basis. You’ll need to remove leaves, soil, and other debris from your resin driveway. You can do this with a stiff brush. Hosing down or pressure washing the driveway with cold water can be a good idea too. 

Whilst resin surfacing is weed resistant, it can sometimes appear if seeds have been dispersed onto it by the weather or by animals. If seedlings do grow, you could pull them out by hand from the root. You can also use a mild weed killer to get rid of them. Make sure the weed killer isn’t too strong since it could cause the resin to become discoloured. 

You should also be wary of getting brake fluid and engine oil onto your resin driveway since they can be very corrosive to this surfacing. To avoid them damaging your new driveway, make sure you clean them off quickly if they do come into contact with it.

Contact us If you want to lay resin on an existing surface such as block paving or flagstones, contact the team at Resin Mixed Stone. We can offer expert advice on preparing the surface so that the finished result is nothing short of exceptional. Call us on 0114 419 0236, or send us a message via our website. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. As the leading installer of resin driveways in Sheffield, you can feel confident that we can assist you. We can answer all your questions and queries, including can resin be laid over block paving or flagstones.

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