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Resin Bonded Stone vs Concrete Surfacing

Out of all the areas of your home or business, the driveway is the place that receives the most wear and tear. With vehicles running over the same patch of ground multiple times a day, there’s no doubt that over time your driveway can become damaged. Also, your driveway is the first impression that visitors have of your property, so a presentable, aesthetically-pleasing surfacing finish can make the difference between an industrial and a welcoming appearance. we take a look at a popular question of Resin Bonded Stone vs Concrete Surfacing which is better?

Resin Bonded Stone or Concrete Surfacing Which to choose?Resin Drive Chesterfield

Many people choose concrete to surface their driveways, but is that really the best option? In recent times, more people have been turning to resin bonded stone, drawn in by its attractive stone aesthetic and ease of application. But which comes out on top? Take a look at our guide to resin bonded stone vs concrete surfacing.

Load-bearing strength

Concrete is well known for its load-bearing strength, making it a common choice for driveways. Resin-bonded stone is laid over concrete or tarmac, meaning it possesses similar load-bearing properties to concrete, but has the benefit of a more attractive finish.

Setting time

Resin-bonded stone surfaces are created by applying a layer of resin over an established surface, and then broadcasting aggregates (e.g. stone, gravel) over the top, where they are held onto the surface by the glue-like properties of the resin. The benefit of this technique is the speedy setting time; resin bonded surfaces can be used within a matter of hours of being laid, whereas concrete will take closer to a few days to reach its full strength.

AestheticResin Drives Doncaster

Concrete’s main benefit is that it is a very functional material, but not too aesthetically pleasing. Resin bonded surfacing allows you more freedom to select different colours, designs and patterns which can give your driveway a more personal feel.

Coping with the elements

Concrete, whilst certainly a hardy material, can easily become slippery in icy weather. Resin-bonded surfaces possess better anti-slip properties and greater friction.


When it comes to price, concrete is the cheapest surfacing option. However, for a better investment, resin bonded stone gives you a more attractive, hardy driveway with a more welcoming appearance. Not only that, but it may also add value to your home when it comes time to sell up.

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