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What is resin bonded stone?

With the industrial look of concrete and tarmac becoming a thing of the past, many are looking to resin bonded stone as an alternative surfacing for their driveways. Resin bonded stone is overlaid on concrete or tarmac, retaining the strength of these materials but providing the aesthetic value of gravel, mimicking the appearance of a loose stone surface.

But what is resin bonded stone, and what are some advantages of this type of surfacing?

Resin Bonded Stone

What is resin bonded stone?

Any concrete or tarmac driveway can have resin bonded stone applied and the application process is fast and easy. A layer of resin is applied over the top of the existing surface. Afterwards, graded and dried natural stone (e.g. dust-free natural aggregates, such as gravel) are laid over the top of the resin layer. This layer then sets hard, the aggregate bonding to the resin, and any loose pieces of aggregate are brushed away. This process creates a warm, stone finish that is strong enough to bear the load of vehicles and foot traffic, making it beneficial for both domestic and commercial driveways.


What are some benefits of resin bonded stone?

  • Concrete driveways can look dull and industrial, and loose gravel can scatter underfoot and in the wind. Resin bonded stone offers a gravelly aesthetic that is fixed in place, providing a high quality and attractive surface for your driveway that retains all the strength of the concrete that it is laid over.
  • As the application process is so quick and simple, there is minimum disruption caused to your driveway during the process. Not only that, because of the speedy setting time, your new driveway could be ready to use within a matter of hours of application.
  • The aggregates available for resin bonded stone can come in many different colours and stone sizes, meaning that you can generate a bespoke, individual look for your driveway. The aggregates are often found in warm, earthy colours, such as beiges and browns, perfect for blending into the natural look of the garden and surroundings.
  • Because of its bumpy texture, resin bonded stone possesses high friction, and therefore, anti-skid properties which makes them ideal for icy weather.
  • These types of driveway are low maintenance as they are impervious to weed growth, and cleaning wise, will only need to be swept or treated to the occasional pressure wash. These surfaces are also durable against weathering, as they are not susceptible to damage from freezing or thawing action.
  • Resin bonded stone offers a chance to move on from loose gravel and bland concrete and tarmac, giving you a hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing driveway surface.

Operating since 1988, here at Resin Mixed Stone, we offer high quality resin bonded stone surfacing for domestic and commercial clients. Offering a varied supply of differently coloured and sized aggregates for resin bonded stone surfaces, we’re sure to provide an aesthetic to suit your individual requirements. Contact our experienced team today and we’ll be happy to discuss your upcoming project.