Are resin driveways environmentally friendly? [Infographic]

Posted on 25 July 2022

Are you wondering “Are resin driveways environmentally friendly?” If so, you’re not alone. Although resin driveways can seriously enhance the exterior of a property, many people are concerned about their impact on the environment. Read on to find out the answer to this common question. 

Are resin driveways environmentally friendly

How eco-friendly are resin driveways?

When asking the question “Are resin driveways environmentally friendly?”, it’s important to distinguish between the two different types of driveways containing resin – resin bound and resin bonded. Resin bound driveways are eco-friendly since they’re permeable, which means that the water drains through to the natural ground rather than pooling and flooding the surface. They are known as ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems’ (SuDS). In comparison, resin bonded driveways are not permeable or SuDS compliant. Let’s take a look at the two different types of resin driveways below. 

Resin bound drivewaysResin pathways Sheffield

Resin bound is a driveway system where the resin and aggregate are combined and then applied to the driveway. It’s very resistant to cracking, making sure it will last several years before needing to be replaced. For many people, one of the biggest benefits of choosing a resin bound driveway is that it’s so eco-friendly. This is largely down to its permeable surface, which lets water flow through it. The water drains from it gradually, ending its journey where it belongs – in the ground. The water is then filtered to remove pollutants, replenishing the water table.

The permeable nature of a resin bound driveway makes it very environmentally friendly, unlike other surfacing options such as tarmac, concrete and stone paving, which are not permeable. Whilst most urban areas have been constructed from non-permeable materials in the past, the increasingly urgent need to protect the environment means that permeable solutions are now essential. Resin bound driveways are SuDS compliant, making them a popular option for property owners.

What is SuDS and how important is it?

Resin bound driveways are designed to be SuDS compliant, making them one of the most environmentally-friendly surfacing options available. SuDS is a building method used to support nature water systems. This method focuses on ensuring that water goes where it’s needed, instead of pooling and flooding. A SuDS-compliant resin bound driveway has a permeable surface that lets water drain through at a controlled rate. It reduces flooding impacts in an entire area rather than just the space in front of your house, lessening the impact on the local drainage network and sewerage system. 

Climate change and heightened urban expansion have placed greater strain on drainage systems that they were simply not designed to deal with. This has led to consequences such as higher flood risk, threatening local infrastructure, property and water quality. Driveways that are not SuDS compliant can also put wildlife at risk. This is because, without proper drainage, there’s less water for plants to grow and thrive, which in turn means that local wildlife will be left without a habitat. Resin is one of the best materials for the protection of wildlife. 

All new driveways must now comply with SuDS when it comes to dealing with surface runoff, particularly in built-up areas. Another option for a SuDS-compliant driveway is grass, however, this isn’t advisable since the surface will be placed under a lot of pressure from the weight of cars and people walking over it. This can quickly ruin a grass driveway in no time at all. A more realistic option is to use loose gravel or chippings for your driveway. These are spread across the prepared surface, leaving sufficient gaps to allow water absorption to occur. However, overall, resin remains the best, most eco-friendly option for driveways. 

resin-bonded-stone-surfacingResin bonded driveways

In a resin bonded system, a layer of resin is spread on the sub-base first, with loose stones then scattered on top. Once it’s cured, it provides a firm yet textured feel. The main way a resin bonded driveway is different from resin bound is that it’s not permeable. This means that proper drainage needs to be installed to stop rainwater pooling. A resin bonded driveway is typically cheaper than a resin bound driveway, although higher maintenance costs may be involved.

Resin driveways are considered a premium yet cost-effective alternative to surfaces such as block paving, concrete, loose gravel and tarmac. Available in a range of colours and designs and incredibly durable and long-lasting, resin driveways are a fantastic choice for your home. 

Eco-friendly resin driveways in Doncaster 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly resin driveway, look no further than Resin Mixed Stone. We’ve been installing resin driveways in Doncaster for many years, helping people throughout the town to transform the exterior of their homes. Our team is committed to carrying out work to the very highest standards, ensuring an exceptional finish every time. We can achieve the colour, design and texture you’re hoping for, creating your perfect driveway.

All work fully guaranteed 

When you hire Resin Mixed Stone to install your new resin driveway, all of our work will be fully guaranteed. This should provide you with reassurance that if there are any problems with your driveway going forward, we’ll quickly rectify them. However, we’re confident we won’t need to return once the driveway has been installed. Since we always carry out work to the highest standards using quality materials. More and more people are choosing us when they’re seeking attractive and durable resin driveways in Doncaster.  

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