How long do resin driveways last?

Posted on 28 October 2020

Are you wondering how long resin driveways last before they start to look worse for wear? If so, you’re in the right place. Find out more about the longevity of resin driveways, how to prolong their lives, and how to get the right installation for your needs here. At Resin Mixed Stone, we’re special installers of high-quality resin driveways in Sheffield, Chesterfield, and Doncaster. We can provide expert advice and answer all your questions and queries. 

Up to 25 years of use

Resin driveways can last for up to 25 years. Although they have been frequently installed in countries like Australia for many years, they have recently become more popular in the UK. Many people opt for basic resin overlays on their existing drives. However, you can also request a full excavation. When you’re having a resin driveway installed, it should be laid down according to the manufacturer’s specification to ensure it lasts for many years. By having it installed correctly and providing it with sufficient maintenance, you can make your resin driveway for much longer.Loxley manor Resin Pathways

Why do resin driveways last so long?

One of the reasons resin driveways tend to last so long is that this material is extremely robust. It is also air and water permeable. Resin drives are noted for their smooth, long-lasting finishes. Your driveway is more likely to last for decades if you treat it with care. To keep your drive in a good, clean condition, you can hose it down or jet wash it. You can also clean dust and dirt away with a stiff brush. Professional power cleaning services can also help you keep your driveway in optimal condition. 

How resin bound driveways are created

Resin is mixed with small stones to create resin bound driveways. Trowelling also takes place to smoothen the surface and deliver the exceptional finish that you require. Resin has become popular as it is one of the most durable materials you can use for your driveway. It is also incredibly resistant to changes in the weather. Once your resin driveway is installed, you don’t have to worry about weeds, mould, ice, or puddles. You also don’t have to deal with loose stones, which makes resin much safer than many other options.

Get the longevity you’re looking for

One of the best ways to ensure your resin driveway lasts for many years is to have one installed by a company you can trust. Your resin driveway is more likely to stand the test of time if it has been installed by highly skilled and experienced professionals. If your driveway is to go the distance and last for up to 25 years, preparation is the key. Your installer must use the right resin to aggregate ratio. If a company uses insufficient aggregate to keep costs down, it’s unlikely that your resin driveway will have such a lengthy lifespan. 

One of the things that makes resin so durable is that it is formed around chemical bonds. However, some substances can compromise the strength of these bonds, so it’s important to clean up spills as soon as you possibly can. A sufficient amount of binder should be used to ensure the resin achieves full efficiency.

A bespoke driveway

There are many different options available to you when it comes to patterns and colours. You can use your resin driveway to make a powerful statement and make the entrance to your home much more inviting. As there are so many colours and styles on offer, you should easily find something that matches your existing environment. Driveways constructed from resin have been added to modern homes including new builds as well as long-standing traditional properties.

Resin driveways and the weather

Resin won’t crack during extreme weather, and you won’t need to worry about puddles due to the way rainwater penetrates directly into the earth. It has an outstanding ability to withstand even the most challenging climates, which means it can easily survive heavy downpours. Resin can even survive the iciest winter periods. Many people are replacing concrete with resin due to the way the former can crack under pressure. If a concrete driveway does crack, repair costs can be substantial. Furthermore, the appearance of your driveway can be ruined once cracking occurs. You can usually start using your driveway after around 48 hours. Once this time has passed, it will be safe to drive onto the surface.Resin Drive Chesterfield

Why choose Resin Mixed Stone in Sheffield?

At Resin Mixed Stone, we’re proud to be the leading installer of resin driveways in Doncaster, Chesterfield, and Sheffield. We can provide the very latest in resin driveway surfacing and have been in the business since way back in 1988. Rather than using unaccountable contractors, we do everything in-house and take full responsibility for our work. We are proud to be one of the region’s most trusted resin stone surfacing companies, catering for a whole host of business and residential customers. We can also advise you on whether a resin driveway is suitable or appropriate for your property. A big reason so many people have been opting for resin is that you don’t normally need planning permission from the authorities, so you won’t need to overcome any legal obstacles.

First-class workmanship

Whatever the size of your property, you can rest assured that we can assist. We can take on jobs of all sizes in the local area. When you choose Resin Mixed Stone, you can expect to benefit from the highest standards of workmanship. We can also help you if you require resin patios or tree pits. Our processes are as effective as they are meticulous, and we are only happy when you’re truly satisfied with the results we have delivered.

Meeting your needs

We offer two types of resin laying techniques. These are bound and bonded resin installations. You’ll find in-depth information about each of these options on our website. We can blend various natural stone types to ensure your specific needs are met, leaving you with a surface that suits your tastes and requirements perfectly. What’s more, is that all our work comes complete with a full guarantee. Why not get in touch today for your free quotation?

To find out more about resin driveways in Sheffield, Doncaster, or Rotherham, contact us today. Give us a call on 0114 419 0236


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