How to clean a resin driveway properly

Posted on 19 April 2023

A resin driveway can add a vast amount of kerb appeal to your property, enhancing its exterior brilliantly. However, it will only stay looking its best if regular maintenance is carried out, with frequent cleaning required to keep it in optimal condition. There are a few cleaning methods you can use, including brushing and jet washing. Keep reading to learn how to clean a resin driveway properly.

How to clean a resin driveway

Routine cleaning of your resin driveway

Whilst resin driveways are famously low maintenance due to being so durable and hardwearing, this certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t require any sort of care and attention. Routine cleaning is necessary if you want to keep your driveway in great shape. This should involve sweeping it regularly with a stiff brush to remove any leaves, twigs and other debris, as well as preventing weed and moss growth. 

Jet washing of your resin driveway Large Resin Driveway

Hosing down your driveway with a jet wash after sweeping will help to remove any debris that your brush may have missed, along with any stains and other damaging elements. We recommend using a jet wash which has a flat spraying nozzle. This will help to improve precision when spraying the driveway. Use a jet wash system with a maximum pressure of 150 bar. This will ensure that excessive pressure doesn’t damage the surface.  

When jet washing your resin driveway, you should also ensure the water is at the right temperature. Try to use water that’s cool but not too cold. Jet washing at a moderate temperature will help to prevent damage from occurring to the resin. Keeping the nozzle at least 20cm from the resin surface can also stop the surface from becoming damaged. 

Cleaning oil and fuel spillages

A vehicle leak can seriously impact the appearance of your new resin driveway. If you do notice an oil or fuel spillage, it’s vital that you address it as quickly as possible since this will make it easier to remove. Begin by washing off the oil or fuel using warm, soapy water, and then flush away any remaining spillage with a gentle jet wash. Bigger spills may need cleaning using a degreasing agent. If you do use a degreasing agent, be sure to test it on a small area of the driveway first to make sure it doesn’t have an adverse reaction.

Removing moss and algae

Whilst moss and algae growth is rare on resin bound driveways, it can occur, especially in damp, shaded areas. If your driveway is bathed in sunlight all day long, this is unlikely to be an issue. Moss and algae can usually be prevented by carrying out regular brushing and jet washing. Although, if it does occur, jet-washing it using a bleach solution should be sufficient to get rid of it. Make sure you rinse the surface with water afterwards. 

Removing tyre marks

Tyre marks can sometimes show up on resin driveways, especially if they are a lighter colour. These marks tend to occur if a car’s wheels are turned when it’s stationary or at the end of a lengthy drive when the tyres are still warm and the heat from friction reacts with the resin surface. If you do notice unsightly tyre marks on your driveway, you could try using warm soapy water and a light jet wash to get rid of them.  

Removing chewing gum 

The trouble with chewing gum is that once it becomes hard, it can be extremely difficult to remove. It can ruin the appearance of your driveway too, leaving unsightly white spots. Don’t try and dig underneath the gum with a hard edge – this could easily damage the surface. Try jet washing first, and then if this doesn’t work, use a freezing spray on the gum. You should then be able to remove it using a wall scraper or a similar tool. Do this very carefully to avoid damaging the resin. 

Resin Driveways SheffieldRemoving weeds 

Resin driveways are designed to resist weed growth. However, they can still occur, usually as a result of windblown seeds. Since weeds can be so detrimental to the appearance of your driveway, it’s important to remove them. You may be able to do this by hand, although you’ll need to ensure that the full root is extracted rather than the weed simply being broken off. Some weeds can grow back even stronger if they are simply broken off at the surface level. For weeds that are particularly deep-rooted, we recommend killing them with a weed killer or herbicide.  

Resin driveways in Doncaster and Sheffield 

Now you know how to clean a resin driveway properly, you may be looking to hire our services. At Resin Mixed Stone. We have been installing resin driveways in Doncaster and Sheffield, serving both domestic and commercial customers throughout the area. Since cleaning your resin driveway is so essential to keeping it looking and performing its best over time, it’s vital that you do this properly. Once we’ve installed your new driveway, our team will provide you with expert maintenance advice, making sure you know what to do to keep it in optimal condition.   

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