How to maintain your resin bound driveway during winter

Posted on 24 January 2023

With winter just around the corner, you may be wondering how your resin bound driveway will stand up to the effects of the elements. The weather at this time of year can be attractive, however, it can also cause damage to surfaces such as driveways, patios and pathways. Read on to find out how to maintain your resin bound driveway during winter. 

Top tips for looking after your resin bound driveway in winter 

Resin bound driveways are renowned for their durability, ensuring they can withstand much of what the Great British weather has to throw at them. However, rain, snow, ice and frost can have a big impact on the surface, causing it to look less than its best. Keep reading to discover how to maintain your resin bound driveway during winter. 

Remove ice and frost Resin Driveway Chesterfield

Ice and frost can cause slippages and potentially serious injuries. With this in mind, it makes sense to remove it regularly throughout winter. You can do this by applying white rock salt to the surface. It works by lowering the freezing point of water, creating a brine solution of salt and water which then flows underneath the ice and breaks the bond between the ice and the driveway. Make sure to remove traces of salt once the bed weather has subsided. Don’t use road grit since this will not only clog up the permeable surface but may even break down the resin topping. 

Clear snow 

Snow should be removed from a resin bound driveway as soon as possible. Clearing the snow as it settles on the surface will help to prevent snow build-up, making removing it much easier. You can do this safely using a plastic snow shovel. We advise against using a metal shovel since this can cause damage to the surface. Since there are no loose stones as with a resin bonded surface, you won’t need to worry about them ending up all over the place as you move the snow to another area of your garden.  

Remove moss 

Winter is traditionally the time when moss growth is most significant. Moss thrives in moist areas, particularly when under shade. Driveways with overhanging trees are the ideal spot for moss to take root. Whilst moss is unlikely to grow on your resin bound driveway, it’s not impossible, particularly if conditions have been particularly wet. Fortunately, it can be removed quite easily using a pressure washer or even just a stiff broom. 

Sweep and jetwash your driveway regularly 

You should sweep your resin bound driveway regularly throughout the year, including during the winter months. A number of potential problems with a resin bound surface can be avoided by regularly sweeping it with a stiff broom. As well as removing leaves and other debris, it can help to prevent the growth of moss. Hosing down with a jet wash can also help to remove foreign bodies and stains such as oil. 

When jet washing your driveway, we recommend spraying with a flat nozzle if possible since this will improve precision. You should also make sure your jet washer’s pressure doesn’t exceed 150bar. This is because excessive pressure could damage your surface irreparably. The water shouldn’t be too cold either. Keeping it at a moderate temperature will help to prevent damage to the resin surface.

Resin Driveways SheffieldCan a resin bound driveway be installed in winter?

Now you know how to care for your resin driveway during winter, you may be wondering if you can actually get it installed then too. The good news is that yes, we can install a resin bound driveway for you at this time of year. However, the weather will need to be taken into consideration. Rain, dew, or any other type of ground moisture can present a significant danger to a resin bound system. Moisture and resin can react together instantly, generating gas bubbles that appear as clouding or foam within the resin. As such, it’s essential that you avoid moisture at all costs.

The temperature can have an impact too, affecting curing times and therefore the end result. In the cold, the resin won’t cure as easily. When using UV-stable resin in cold conditions, a catalyst may need to be added to achieve adequate cure rates. So, yes, a resin driveway can be installed in winter. However, precautions will need to be taken to ensure a high-quality finish. 

Resin driveways in Doncaster and Sheffield 

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in resin driveways in Doncaster and Sheffield, look no further than Resin Mixed Stone. We have been installing resin bound and resin bonded driveways throughout the South Yorkshire region since 1988, giving us a huge amount of experience. We’ve built a great reputation over the years, becoming widely renowned for our professionalism and affordability. 

Our resin driveways require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best throughout the year. However, they do need some level of upkeep, particularly in winter when the weather is at its worst. Removing ice and snow is important, however, it’s always best to do this using a plastic shovel rather than a metal one. This will reduce the risk of damage occurring to your resin bound driveway. 

Contact us 

If you’re still not sure how to maintain your resin bound driveway during winter, talk to our team. We know all there is to know about resin bound surfacing, allowing us to provide you with the expert advice that you need. If you’re ready to go ahead and hire us to install a resin driveway in Doncaster or Sheffield, we’re on hand to discuss your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote. You can reach us by calling 0114 419 0236 or by completing the contact form on the website.

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