What are the advantages of a resin driveway?

Posted on 24 October 2022

If the time has come to replace your driveway, you may be wondering what surface to opt for. There are many hard-surfacing systems on the market right now, ranging from concrete and bitmac to block paving and resin. Resin has fast become one of the most popular options amongst UK homeowners due to its many benefits. If you’re wondering “What are the advantages of a resin driveway?”, read on. 

Why choose a resin bound driveway? 

A resin bound system involves mixing resin and aggregates together to create a mixture that can be trowelled onto a surface in order to provide a smooth, flat finish. There are many reasons to opt for a resin driveway. Keep reading to find out more. 


One of the biggest benefits of a resin driveway is its durability. Incredibly hardwearing, it will stay looking and performing its best long into the future. Resin is a very long-lasting surfacing option. Not only can it withstand vehicular traffic but it’s also resistant to adverse weather conditions. It doesn’t soften in summer, fade in sunlight or freeze in winter. When properly installed and maintained, it can easily last 25 years or even longer.  

Low maintenance Resin Driveways in Doncaster

Many people are pleased to hear that resin driveways are very easy to maintain. This means that you can keep your driveway in great shape with minimal effort. To remove materials like leaves, soil and sand from the resin surface, you’ll need to sweep it clean regularly with a stiff brush. Hosing down the resin with clean water every so often is also recommended. Often, brushing and washing is the only maintenance necessary for resin bound surfacing.

Weed resistant 

Resin bound driveways are resistant to weeds. This surfacing prevents weeds from growing up through the sub-base and penetrating the surface. Occasionally, you might find small patches of what appears to be weed growth within the resin stone, however, they’re unlikely to last long. They often occur when the wind blows tiny seedlings onto the surface which then start to germinate, appearing as weeds.


Resin is one of the most eco-friendly driveway materials. One reason why is that it’s SUDS-compliant. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems refer to a building method that complies with the natural water system. It focuses on making sure the water has somewhere to go instead of pooling and flooding. SUDS-compliant driveways can help to reduce the overall impact of flooding in an area. Additionally, resin driveways can be constructed from recycled stones, making them an even more sustainable option. 


Whilst resin is generally pricier than other materials used for driveways, it normally works out as the more economical option. This is because even though it usually costs more to install, it requires less maintenance and is likely to last considerably longer than driveway materials. You may need to replace a driveway constructed from concrete or bitmac sooner, costing you more money.  

Aesthetically pleasing 

Resin bound driveways are well-known for their attractive appearance. They look very impressive once finished, bringing a great deal of style and class to your property. What’s great is that there are many design and colour options available for resin surfacing, allowing you to create a driveway that’s perfectly suited to your needs and tastes. 

Increase your property’s value 

When asking “What are the advantages of a resin driveway?”, many people are surprised to hear that it can increase the value of their property. A professionally installed resin bound driveway can raise their home’s worth, often considerably. It can increase its kerb appeal, making it more appealing to prospective buyers. 

Everything You Need to Know About Resin Bound SurfacingCan I install a resin driveway myself? 

If you’re looking to save money, you might be wondering if you can install a resin driveway yourself. Although it can be tempting if you enjoy DIY, it’s not advisable if you lack the required experience. Laying a resin driveway is a complex task that demands skill, knowledge and expertise. 

Many amateurs make the mistake of failing to prepare the base surface beforehand. The area should be dry, with any dust, concrete, tarmac, or other sticky substances brushed off. If you want your new driveway installed to the highest standards, it’s important to enlist the services of a specialist company. They can ensure that it looks and performs its best for a long time to come.  

Resin driveways in Doncaster

At Resin Mixed Stone, we specialise in the installation of high-quality resin driveways in Doncaster. We’ve been installing resin driveways throughout the area for nearly 35 years, building a fantastic reputation for ourselves throughout this time. We serve both domestic and commercial customers, installing resin driveways for both homes and business premises. You can view our recent work and testimonials on our website to find out what you can expect when you hire our services. We install resin driveways at highly competitive prices, with our work representing superb value for money. 

As the leading provider of resin driveways in Doncaster, you can rely on us to carry out work to an exceptional standard. Plus, because all our work comes with a full guarantee, you can relax in the knowledge that your driveway will stay looking great long into the future. Any problems will be dealt with by our team right away. 

Contact us 

Now you know what are the advantages of a resin driveway, you may be interested in finding out more about our services. To talk to one of our team, call us on 0114 419 0236. You can also reach us by sending us a message via the online contact form on the website. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the answers to your questions.   

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I had my old concrete driveway covered with resin bound stone, there were loads of different colour mixes to choose from, the colour I chose really enhances my house and I am so pleased with the result. I can highly recommend this company.
Highly professional operation from start to finish. The work was started and completed on time with the minimum of hassle by a great bunch of people
I am thrilled with my new resin driveway. Excellent service from Resin Mixed Stone. Thorough preparatory work resulting in a fabulous finish.The stone colour I chose matches my house stone and brightens my whole driveway up. I would definitely recommend this company.
Very professional, excellent result, resin driveway job completed earlier than expected and very neatly. Our drive has been transformed! Thankyou.
Many thanks to Richard and his team who did a fantastic work when resurfacing our drive and front of bay window with resin stone.
Resin Mixed Stone put down a resin driveway for my mother in October last year. The service and workmanship was excellent and the drive has been totally transformed from its previous old concrete look. My wife and I were so impressed that we used Resin Mixed Stone to wide our existing driveway and then cover the existing tarmac surface with a resin coat. The service and workmanship was again excellent and the new drive looks superb. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is considering a resin surface.
From start to finish the whole service and end product has been and is fantastic. Plenty of options to choose from with samples and practical advice to make that easier. Quote was clear and care taken to measure accurately. The team that completed the work were very professional and hard-working. The finished driveway has transformed the front of our property. Would highly recommend the team. Thank-you to all the Resin Mixed Stone team.
"We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work and the outcome - a lovely driveway. Richard Lomas was very helpful at all stages and his staff were careful throughout. The preparation of the site before laying the resin was also impressive. I give this company a 5 stars recommendation."
Great professional service. Good quality work. Competitive on price.
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